About us


About us

It all started with the birth of my daughter Emilia, she was my inspiration behind the birth of evieandco. She was only a few weeks old when I found out she had sensitive skin, so it was important to surround her with items that were organic. Then the idea sprung, that natural cushions would make a great addition to her nursery.

My sister and I got talking, and our creativity started to flow from there where many unique cushion designs were created. We wanted each cushion to be fun where Emilia could play with, but also grow up with. After countless designs, it was where our mum took our designs and started to hand make our cushions. After many prototypes, a range of cushions made their way to Emilia's nursery.

We hope these cushions will brighten up your baby or child, or as a gift for your family and friend's home too, just as it did for Emilia. 

Each cushion has their own identity as all our cushions are handmade.

All cushions are designed and handmade from 100% organic cotton with love in Melbourne, Australia.

We hope to bring a smile to each home we travel to.

Lots of love,


Wendy and Jenny